October 8, 2019

Front vs back

Sent by Jonathan Stark on October 9th, 2019

Have you ever noticed the difference between the front and back labels on a bottle of aspirin?

The back is covered with ingredients, directions, and other data about the product itself in teensy tiny fine print. 

The front usually says stuff like, “fast relief from pain” or “extra strength” or “headache relief” or “specially formulated for lower back pain” in big bold letters that are easy to read. 

The stuff on the front is what the customer cares about. Got a headache? Got back pain? Need something fast? Need something strong?

The right buyer is going to say “Heck yeah!” to these questions. 

None of the stuff on the back much matters to the customer when they’re standing in the store deciding what to buy. That’s why it’s on the back, not the front. 

Here’s the thing... 

When you are the product, you might be tempted to lead with your skills, your years of experience, your process, etc... but these are your “ingredients”. They should be on the back of your label in fine print. 

Your “front” should be about the buyer, not you. What pain are they suffering from? What questions are they going to say “Heck yeah!” too? 

Your ingredients are important, but don’t lead with them. Lead with the benefits that your ideal buyers are going to care about.