July 10, 2019

“Can I sell value pricing to an agency?” and more...

Sent by Jonathan Stark on July 11th, 2019

In today’s group coaching session, we had a bunch of good questions that touched on topics like:

Good stuff!

Here are some of the questions I answered today:

Meeting with some company leaders to have the why conversation. When we get to the “why me” part, how do I do that? I have strong credentials, but they are all from P-12 and higher education. Do I just trust that my ability to help them identify a problem that they aren’t actually fully aware of, and to offer some possibilities based on their unique situation, that will give them the answer to “why me”? I am not into selling myself, but they have a real need and I know I can help them. (timestamp: 1m 16s)

How do i keep track of linking to my own content between blog posts, email news letters, website, etc? (timestamp: 11m 2s)

We build large scale projects that typically last 6-8 months. I’m relatively new to services business and our ability to estimate delivery dates sucks and we seem to always be off. Right now 3 weeks late for delivering on a project. Death by 1,000 papercuts along the way seems to be the recurring problem. (1) How do I better estimate delivery dates? (2) How do I set expectations with these clients up front and part of the sales process? (3) Our practice is to demo weekly, but client gets frustrated that what we show is not yet perfect. They say “Why are you taking our time to show us stuff that doesn’t work perfectly yet?”. How do I deal with that when it’s a best practice? Damn, I think I need to get back to building products! Help! (timestamp: 20m 46s)

When things slow down on my end I tend to reach out to agencies for work? They always ask for the hourly rate! Is it possible to sell value pricing to an agency or is it a lost cause? (timestamp: 50m 1s)

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