July 3, 2019


“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”—Kierkegaard

Freedom is a great thing to have. But like all things, it comes with trade-offs.

One of the trade-offs of freedom is anxiety. I suppose that this is a natural consequence. Unavoidable.

For example:

If you’re free to create a new service, you’ll probably have anxiety about it launching to crickets.

If you’re free to publish your own book, you’ll probably have anxiety about getting bad reviews.

If you’re free to change careers, you’ll probably have anxiety about picking the wrong one.

If your free to decide what to be when you grow up, you might have anxiety about regretting not going into the family business.

Here’s the thing...

You have to choose without enough the data. You have to make a leap of faith. You have to risk failure.

Don’t wait until the anxiety is gone. It’ll never go away completely. It’s part of the deal.