June 8, 2019

That Guy Sam

Sam Carlton builds beautiful websites for churches. You know how I know?

Because it says so right in his Twitter bio:

“I build beautiful church websites”—Sam Carlton @ThatGuySam

Great start for a positioning statement!

Sam immediately pigeonholed himself as the “go-to” person for beautiful church websites in my mind.

But could we make it more effective?

Here’s a thought experiment:

  1. How much do church leaders value “beautiful websites”?
  2. Would church leaders value something like “increased donations” more than a “beautiful website”?
  3. If so, could Sam’s marketing connect the dots between “beautiful website” and “increased donations” for church leaders?

I don’t know Sam and I don’t know any church leaders, so this is all just speculation, but... I wonder if it would be more effective to say something like:

“I help church leaders increase online donations”

Assuming Sam was comfortable making such a claim, it’d certainly be worth testing.