May 21, 2019

Success story from reader Elise Fog

Sent by Jonathan Stark on May 22nd, 2019

Longtime reader Elise Fog wrote in to share a success story related to my email yesterday about “t-shirt marketing“ (shared with permission, bold mine):

Hi Jonathan, Hah, you know I can’t help thinking that the more niched your t-shirt and your business is, the more interesting (and potentially lucrative) these responses become. I often go into town wearing one of several bug t-shirts—each prominently displaying a woodcut engraved by another photographer friend—my favorite one being a peacock jumping spider. Many folks take one look at this t-shirt and literally run the other way. It’s a huuuge spider, and the whole design artistically draws attention to the wonder that is a peacock jumping spider, legs up and all eyes staring in your direction. But oh my goodness, the few other jumping spider fans in town… you can well imagine that it’s irresistible to them, striking up a conversation. Because while one likely sees quite a few GoT tees, one oh-so-rarely sees a jumping spider in all its glory! Similarly, in my highly niched business of websites and marketing for bee folks, you might well imagine that beekeepers who need help with their websites and marketing can’t help but come my way when they see my trade show table. If and when they visit my website, my passion for all things that buzz is clearly broadcast, along with my evident love of helping people just like them with problems of just the kind they face. And a certain sort of magic happens at that point: I become someone that they’re courting, rather than the other way round. I now have clients waiting to work with me (on my terms), and even better, they feel I’m the only option to work with… simply because: I know and love bees, and I sure make a buzz about it! —Elise

Are you surprised to hear that someone could niche down on beekeepers and not only be booked solid, but have a waiting list?!

I’m not… but I’m used to stories like this.

If you’re not getting enough leads, picking a buyer who you’re genuinely interested in helping is a great approach.

So... who do you want to help?