March 4, 2019

How To Price Right with Jonathan Stark

Sent by Jonathan Stark on March 5th, 2019

You may remember a while back I asked for help from folks here on the list who do business in Israel. I was scheduled to be interviewed on an Israeli show for independent designers and I wanted to get a sense for any cultural differences that would be relevant to my subject area. Thanks to everyone who got back to me - it was super helpful!

The episode is now live if you’re interested. We covered topics that you’ll be used to hearing from me, but oriented more toward designers than usual since that’s Michael’s audience. Here’s the description from the episode page (translated to English):

Jonathan Stark started out as a software engineer at a company that charged customers at an hourly price. He found that this system compensates the bad employees, and the experienced workers, who work fast and produce excellent results from the first time, earn less money for the company simply because they work less hours. From this paradox he discovered another, better method of pricing projects - value pricing. In the conversation, he explains what the method is and how it works, why it is ridiculous to charge for the hour, and what the way to pricing is several times higher than market prices, to choose only the customers that fit us and to create excellent projects in which all parties come out satisfied.

By the way… we had some pretty bad lag at points, so there are a couple of weird sounding pauses and we talked over each other once or twice. It clears up pretty quickly so don’t worry :)

Here’s the link:

Please let me know if you have any questions on the episode (or if it triggers any lightbulb moments for you).