February 25, 2019


Sent by Jonathan Stark on February 27th, 2019

Steve Jobs had this to say to innovators:

“Don’t do things 10% better; do things 10 times better.”

Elon Musk often brings up a similar 10x framework for disruption... in separate interviews about SpaceX, Tesla (i.e., the Gigafactory) and The Boring Company, he has talked about “decreasing costs ten-fold” as a core principle and perhaps the key competitive advantage of his companies.

When I first noticed this “order of magnitude” similarity between these two icons, something clicked. I think their comments indicate that they’re operating at a different level than almost anyone else.

Here’s the thing...

This 10x idea might not be easy to execute, but it is simple to understand.

Here’s a fun exercise to hopefully get you thinking bigger:

What if you wanted to disrupt yourself?

Could you make your business 10x better? Could you increase your revenue by 10x? Or decrease your costs by 10x?

What would you have to do? What would you have to STOP doing? What strengths would you double down on? What weaknesses would you address?

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