January 27, 2019

[AUDIO] Speaker vs. Consultant

Sent by Jonathan Stark on January 28th, 2019

Today on TBOA, Rochelle and I ask the question:

Where are you on the spectrum between speaker and consultant?

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Talking Points

Quotable Quotes

“The expertise that I gained from doing client work is what I would base my talks on.” –JS

“I like the give and take of an audience, because it tests you in really good ways.” –RM

“Knowing where you fall – it’s a strategic decision. It’s going to decide what things you say no to, and it’s going to be saying no to a lot of things, and then you’re left over with the things you actually have time to do well.” –JS

“It’s helpful to understand where you are right now, because that will tell you what you need to do, and most importantly, which things to say yes to and which things to run screaming from.” –RM