January 20, 2019

Your buyers are not price sensitive

People often reply to my emails with a variation of this statement:

I’d love to follow your advice, BUT buyers in my market/region/culture are extremely price sensitive.

I’ve got news for you:

People are “extremely price sensitive” everywhere. Actually, I take that back... in general, most people are not extremely price sensitive; what they are is extremely value conscious.

I think this is an important distinction. It changes your perspective from “my prospects are cheap” to “my prospects don’t (yet) see the value in what I’m offering.” This shift in thinking changes the relationship you have with your potential buyers from combative and resentful to collaborative and thoughtful.

Here’s the thing...

Your goal SHOULD NOT BE to find a room full of rich fools and convince them to write you big checks. Even if you could do this, it would be an extremely unfulfilling way to build a business.

Your goal SHOULD BE to find people you care about who will benefit greatly from what you offer, and to deliver your products and services in the most effective and efficient ways possible. In other words, maximize the value to the client and minimize the cost to you.

This is how you increase the profit to both parties. Yay! win-win :)


If you’re coming from an hourly billing background, going down this path of maximizing mutual profit will almost certainly require that you change what you offer and/or how you offer it because trading time for money does not encourage delivering value in the most efficient or effective ways.