September 9, 2018

Are you good at what you do?

Are you confident in your skills? Do feel a certain degree of mastery over your craft? Are you certain that there are businesses that would benefit from your expertise?

Yes, of course. You love your craft and are good at what you do.

And yet...

You don’t have clients knocking down your door. You’re not regularly turning away work. You take on “red flag” clients even though you suspect they are not a great fit. You lose out on jobs to amateurs who undercut you on price.

In other words:

You believe that you’re good at what you do but nobody seems to want to pay you fairly for it.

What’s going on here?

It could be that what you are selling is not what your clients need.

Actually, let me rephrase that...

Your ideal clients might need what you offer, but the way that you are presenting it could be preventing them from recognizing this truth.

There was a great thread today in The Pricing Seminar Slack room about what to do when your belief about your capabilities doesn’t match the reality of your sales numbers.

It’s one thing to believe that, statistically, there must be businesses in the world that would benefit from your expertise. But it’s quite another to figure out how to present yourself to the world in a way that allows businesses to recognize the benefits that you can deliver.

In your marketing, you must strive to connect the dots between:

Prospects can’t read your mind. You need to spell it out for them in terms that they understand.



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