August 30, 2018

Enjoy the conversation

How many leads have you gotten this month? Two? One? None?

Getting lots of leads is an important part of pricing because in order to set (and stick to) premium prices, you need to be comfortable walking away from leads who won’t get value from what you do.

In other words, if you only get one lead every month or two, you’re probably going to be pretty desperate to close the deal at almost any price and in spite of whatever red flags the prospect might be exhibiting.

So... how do you get more leads?

The surest way I know of to increase the quantity and quality of your leads is to increase the number of conversations you have with folks in your target market.

One relatively painless way to stimulate conversations is to connect with interesting people on social media.

For most of my students, LinkedIn is the best network to use for this. If your audience is somewhere else, you can adapt the following process accordingly.

After updating your profile to be “you focused” on your ideal buyer instead of “me focused” on your skills and qualifications, do this every day for a month and see what happens:


Dos and Don’ts

Did I mention don’t sell?



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