July 21, 2018

Foos at Fenway

The Foo Fighters played at Freeway Park in Boston tonight. Erica is a big fan so I bought tickets a few months back for her birthday.

The Foos were amazing. That Dave Grohl can scream like that for three hours nonstop defies logic. If you like rock, it’s hard to think of a better ticket to spend your hard earned money on.

Speaking of money... a can of beer at the show was $12.50 which (depending on the brand) is roughly double what you could buy an entire six pack for at a store. About 12 times the normal price.

So... Nobody at the show bought any beer, right?


The lines were so long that people were buying them two at a time so they wouldn’t have to wait twice.

$25 for two beers.

Why is this?

It’s because what something is worth to someone (i.e., the value) is completely subjective and contextual.

Value is not an objective and universal characteristic of a product or service. It is a perception in the mind of the buyer, and as such is affected by myriad factors that are constantly in flux.

This is why it strikes me as absurd when folks forcefully make a blanket statement like, “My time is worth $150 per hour!”

Maybe to somebody for something under certain circumstances. But in general, no. No it isn’t.



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