July 8, 2018

The Pricing Seminar

I could really use your help with something new I’ve been working on.

It’s called The Pricing Seminar and it is an online educational experience designed to help you stop billing for your time and start pricing your expertise.

You can read more about it at thepricingseminar.com but here’s the TL;DR:

The Pricing Seminar curriculum includes video lessons on 50 different topics including how to:

The Pricing Seminar is not a class

The Pricing Seminar is NOT an online class like you might be used to from Udemy, Teachable, or other standard online course creation platforms. It’s more like a university seminar - e.g., curriculum, lectures, homework, collaboration, and Q&A.

Unlike a typical university seminar, The Pricing Seminar:

Online education is hard

This is where you come in. Getting online education right is hard. I’ve participated in tons of online programs. Without exception, they all had great content, but there is a problem:

If students fall behind, they start to disengage. And if they disengage, they aren’t going to be successful. And it’s easy to disengage with an online course.

Last year, I took part in a remarkable online learning experience - The Marketing Seminar by Seth Godin. Seth did an amazing job of creating engagement with the students and tons of success stories came out of the program.

I was so impressed with the experience, that I decided to use a similar model for The Pricing Seminar. Naturally all my content is different from Seth’s, but the structure of the delivery (and the name 😊) is very similar - i.e., 50 short videos released every other day with an assignment and discussion for each.

My hypothesis is that this format will keep people engaged and therefore maximize their chances of success... but as the saying goes: “No plan survives first contact.”

What I’m hoping is that you might be interested in helping to validate and improve the seminar by participating in a beta test for a relatively small group of early adopters.

The beta won’t be free because I want participants to have skin in the game, but the price will be nominal - a small fraction of the public launch price.

Sound like fun?

If this sounds intriguing and you would like me to keep you in the loop, you can enter your email address at the top of the page here:


There’s no obligation, of course. You’d just be subscribing to a TPS-specific email list.

NOTE: You’ll continue to get my daily emails in addition to the TPS emails. The daily is a separate list. You can unsubscribe from either one independently.

Anyway, I’ll be sending out more info to the TPS list soon, so sign up ASAP if you’re interested.

Thanks in advance!



P.S. DISCLAIMER: I have no idea what the response will be to this message but thousands of people are receiving it, so it’s possible that I won’t be able to accept everyone who is interested in the beta this time around.