May 6, 2018

Dream testimonials...

Here’s a fun exercise:

Imagine a dream client giving you a stellar testimonial. There are two parts to this:

Think about this seriously, but think big. Really big. Have fun with it, but don’t devolve into total fantasy (e.g., if you’re a photographer, you aren’t going to cure your dream client’s cancer).

Once you have answered these questions, type up this stellar testimonial from this dream client. Actually type it up. Format it like it’s real. Like you’re going to put it in your website.

Go on, do it. Open up a Word doc or whatever and bang it out. I’ll wait :-)

Okay, got it all typed up and formatted?

Cool. Now do two more.

Great, you have three amazing endorsements. Now let’s get introspective...

How badly do you wish you could post these on your website, in your social media, or on the front cover of your book? What would it mean for your business? How would it improve the quality and quantity of leads? Your negotiating power? Your pricing leverage? Your perceived value?

If you’ve done a good job thinking big while creating your dream testimonials, it’s probably fairly safe to assume that these endorsements would catapult your business up a few levels, at least.

Okay, final question:

What are you doing to actively make these dream testimonial a reality?



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