April 16, 2018

Success story from Morgan from Luxxe

Reader Morgan from Luxxe wrote in to share a success story that I think you’ll find inspiring (shared with permission, edited slightly for length):

Thanks a ton for these tips Jonathan! I’ve listened to your webinars and put some awesome things to use with awesome results. I recently was “tracked down” by a new lead, which gave me instant insight as far as his desire to work with me. I then had him fill out a brief survey to ascertain base level information and gauge value prior to our first phone call. The key question was: “How much do you hope to invest in this effort?” I truly believe that this wording put him in a better frame of mind than “What’s the budget?” From there I gave him a call presented him with a fixed fee amount of 20k (my highest estimate to date). He responded by saying, “I had in my head $18k, so what’s $2k more, right?” Not only was I amazed at how easy that was, we even chatted for nearly an hour and a half building trust and a candid relationship. Here to help, Morgan from Luxxe

My favorite bit is when the client basically shrugged at paying an extra $2,000. And as Morgan said, it was “amazingly easy” to land his highest priced project ever. If you use the right language, results like these are not unusual.

Well done, Morgan! Thanks for sharing.



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