April 1, 2018

“One hundred days of blogging” by Dan Moore

In response to yesterday’s message about the practice of daily writing (i.e., “Daily is just easier), reader Dan Moore wrote in to point me to this blog post:

One hundred days of blogging every day

In this article, Dan points out two benefits of daily writing that I didn’t mention yesterday, but that I too have experienced:

For those who haven’t answered yet, I’ll repose my question from yesterday:

What do you enjoy enough that you’d like writing about it every day if you had time?

It doesn’t have to be work related at all. It could be a hobby, a mission, an interest, a cause, anything. You don’t even need to be an expert at the subject as long as is something that you’re fascinated by or passionate about or obsessed with.

Go ahead, hit reply and let me know.