March 30, 2018

Can Value Pricing Work for Firms? with guest Adam Aronson

On today’s Ditching Hourly, I’m joined by guest Adam Aronson to discuss the feasibility of value pricing for firms.


#### Talking Points

Hourly billing is like taxes and fossil fuels; there’s just not a better answer out there.

There are two very different reasons why clients might ask you how long the project is going to take: * They have some actual hard deadline * They see time as a proxy for cost

Developers are like artists. Would jazz musicians do their best work if you were paying them by the hour?

Why do you eat hours on things you think took you too long, but you don’t add hours for things you think you finished extra fast?

If you’re asking the client questions about their business logic or entity relationships in a sales meeting, you’re doing it wrong.

Adam’s Bio

Adam is the founder and principle of FileMaker development firm FullCity Consulting. Since 2000, FullCity has serviced clients like ESPN, the NY Rangers, and the WWE.

Earlier in his career, he managed FileMaker database systems for advertising and television production at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and provided 24/7 personal technology support for Ms. Stewart and her executive team.

Adam managed the IT side of the advertising department at Toys ‘R Us and was database manager for Bloomingdale’s wedding registry website.