February 1, 2018

Why should Alice care?

If my old friend Bob asked me for an introduction to potential clients, I’m going to need to know two things:

We’ve been talking about the first question for a week or so and have come to the conclusion that the more obvious and specific Bob’s “ideal client” criteria, the more likely I am to have a Rolodex Moment.

Today, I want to focus on the second question.

Let’s say Bob makes mobile apps. And let’s say Bob sends me the following message:

“Hey JS! Are you connected with anybody who owns thoroughbred horses? If so, I’d love an intro. Thanks! —Bob”

Lo and behold... I know someone who has a business breeding thoroughbred horses! Her name is Alice.

Now... I like Bob. I’ve known him for a long time and I trust him. I think that he and Alice would dig each other on a personal level.

But... this is a business intro, not a personal one.

I am going to want to provide a credible business-related reason to make the intro. I am going to want to include something in the intro that will peak Alice’s interest in Bob. I am going to want Alice to eventually thank me for introducing her to Bob!

The email I WANT to send to Alice would be something like:

“Hey Alice! FYI - My friend Bob does mobile apps for horse breeders. We were just chatting and he mentioned that he helped EquineNow.com more than double their revenue last year. Would you like an intro?”

We can abstract this to a template:

“Hey $name1! FYI - My friend $name2 does $thing for $industry. We were just chatting and s/he mentioned that s/he helped $industryLeader $hugeWin. Would you like an intro?”

Of course, the critical variables here are $industryLeader and $hugeWin

Could you fill those in for your business?

Hit reply and let me know :)



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