December 14, 2017

“Is this niche big enough to support my business?” and more...

Today’s group coaching session featured some super juicy questions.

The most fun one for me to answer was from Kevin who was concerned that the niche he was considering focusing on (i.e., co-working businesses) would limit his earning potential.

To find out if this was likely, I “spidered a conference” for him. After a few minutes, he and I both agreed that the niche was plenty big enough to support his business.

Here’s a 7 minute excerpt of today’s recording that shows me spidering a co-working conference website for Kevin:

[VIDEO] Spidering a Conference

Here’s are some other questions we tackled today:

I’m really having a challenge converting existing clients from hourly billing to value-based billing. I know you cover this in some of your content, but any tips? (timestamp: 1m 34s)

Any tips for when running projects where your team is also outsourced / sub-contracted onto a project? Do you move them over to value-based billing? (timestamp: 8m 29s)

I struggle with how to word an invitation to chat about a businessperson’s problems/felt needs. Can you give me some context about why this would be an appealing request for someone, what they might get out of it? (timestamp: 15m 24s)

My best client is in the co-working industry, and I have considered going into that niche to specialize. My concern is I will limit my earning potential. Am I looking at this the wrong way? (timestamp: 27m 41s)

Is there a framework that we can follow on how to offer paid marketing plans / strategy sessions? (timestamp: 38m 27s)

How do you deal with the scenario where you are selling to mid-managers and they need to sell to their senior managers? (timestamp: 46m 3s→)

How do you say “no” to prospects? My filtering process is not working yet and most times I am in a meeting with a new prospect I quickly realize it’s not going to work with them. Would you recommend saying “no” right there in a meeting? Or maybe start talking about paid road-mapping session? (timestamp: 51m 31s)

Would you like to know the answers to these questions? Do you have questions like these that you’d like to get answered?

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