October 24, 2017

Success story from reader “Beyonce´”

A reader sent in the following success story (Shared with permission. Bold mine. Name withheld by request, so I’ll call him “Beyoncé”):

Hey Jonathan,

I’m writing to you with excitement, and to say thank you. I’ve just had my first proposal accepted in starting out my own consultancy, and have bypassed charging hourly entirely, going straight to value pricing. I used a stack of different techniques I’ve learned from you over the last 12 months of being on your mailing list/HBIN in getting to this stage:

The result was pretty amazing:

I’ve been able to do all this even though the gig is a subcontracting arrangement, where I’m helping another consultancy deliver a fixed-priced gig that they’ve committed to, but they are so pressed for people at this time of year that they can’t resource it, and the tech stack is a bit outside their norm, but smack in the middle of mine. There’s disadvantages to this compared to if I were doing the project direct and it’s not my long-term preferred approach, but there’s also advantages (I didn’t have to find and win the work with the client): so I just factored this all in to my price. In the worst case, I could literally work full time at this gig all year and still break even. Depending on the time I actually end up investing, value pricing represents somewhere between 75% and 400% increased revenue for me compared to if I had have given them an hourly rate.

Hell yeah!



Well done, Beyoncé! Thanks for sharing :)



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