September 15, 2017

Outreach Braindump

It has been almost exactly six weeks since I started planning and executing an outreach campaign for my mobile consulting business to folks in the target market (i.e., credit unions).

On July 31st, I had fewer than a dozen good solid contacts in the CU space. I was pretty much at square one.

These are some of the things I did early on to get the ball rolling:

Six short weeks later, I have accomplished the following:


Now that I’m paying more attention to tech news that is of relevance to CUs, I’m no longer having to actually try to come up with topics of interest for my outreach. Obvious stuff is just falling out of the sky. For example:

(That last one is a great example of why it’s so powerful to niche down on a vertical. I’d be willing to bet you have no idea what NCUA even is, never mind why it matters that the House voted to keep it out of appropriations. But inside the credit union industry, this is headline news.)

Moral of the story

Six weeks might sound like a long time, but I’m doing at most an hour per business day of outreach. So to me, it feels like outreach has started to take on a momentum of its own in a very short time.

K, that’s enough for now... stay tuned!