June 13, 2017

Shhh... mentoring program is open

You are receiving this message because you asked to have your name added to the early announcement list for my mentoring program. It is not going out to the full list. Please do not forward.


There are two mentoring options:

Option 1 is pretty straightforward: if you have a question, you call or email me. I reply within 24 hours (but usually more like 90 minutes during business hours).

Option 2 includes option 1 and adds an initial assessment, structured assignments with due dates, and accountability calls every other week.

The Details


Q: How do I know if I’m a good fit for mentoring?

People who will get the most out of mentoring are folks who have an established business are doing pretty well, but have been plateaued for a year or more.

Q: What do I have to do to qualify?

This program is not a good fit for someone who is desperate for work, or hasn’t yet gone out on their own. It is for people who have clients and income but feel like they’re on a hamster wheel. Making a living but not getting ahead. Unsure of what to do to get to the next level.

Q: How do I determine which tier is best for me?

Option 1 is better for folks who are self-directed and disciplined about getting things done without the urgency of a deadline or peer accountability.

Option 2 is better for folks whose intellectual curiosity and talent cause them to wander from task to task prior to completion, and who require more urgency in creating results.

IOW - if you start lots of stuff but rarely finish, option 2 is probably a better fit.

Q: I still have questions!

Just hit reply and ask :-)

Next Steps

If you’d like to join the mentoring program, reply to this email with a yes/thumbs-up. I’ll respond with a few questions. If we agree it’s a good fit, I’ll send you a payment link for your chosen option and we can get started immediately.

Act Now. Seriously.

As I write this, 2 of the 10 mentoring spots have already been taken by past students.

In a few days, I’m going to announce this to the full list (1500+ people).

A few days after that, I’m going to publish a sales page and promote on social media (10k+ followers).

With those numbers, I’m reasonably confident that the remaining 8 spots are going to be gone within a week.

Act now because if/when this sells out, it’ll be at least six months before there’s another opening.