18 examples of differentiation

Sent by Jonathan Stark on November 9th, 2016

In order to build a profitable business, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors in some way other than by offering the lowest price.

Without knowing who your competitors are and how they market themselves, it’s impossible to precisely articulate a unique differentiator.

However, I know examples help get the gears turning so I have listed 18 possible differentiators below, roughly grouped into 6 categories.   

18 Examples of Differentiation

Predictable Costs

Unlike my competitors:

Risk Mitigation

Unlike my competitors:

Concierge Service

Unlike my competitors:

Vertical Specialization

Unlike my competitors:

Urgent Service

Unlike my competitors:

Shared Worldview

Unlike my competitors:

Does that help? Please let me know if this list if helpful. If you have questions, just hit reply - I read every message!



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