November 9, 2016

18 Examples of Differentiation

In order to build a profitable business, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors in some way other than offering the lowest price.

Without knowing who your competitors are or how they market themselves, it’s impossible to precisely articulate a unique differentiator.

However, I know examples help get the gears turning so I have listed below 18 possible differentiators, grouped into 6 categories.

Predictable Costs

Unlike my competitors:

  1. I give fixed project prices in advance
  2. I don’t nickel and dime you with change orders
  3. I never go over-budget

Risk Mitigation

Unlike my competitors:

  1. I offer a money back guarantee
  2. I offer a satisfaction guarantee
  3. I offer a bug-free guarantee

Concierge Service

Unlike my competitors:

  1. I grant you 24/7 access to me directly
  2. I never outsource your work to junior employees
  3. I leverage my vast professional network on your behalf

Vertical Specialization

Unlike my competitors:

  1. I used to work as a full-time employee in your industry
  2. I have worked with many businesses in your industry
  3. I focus solely on serving your industry

Urgent Service

Unlike my competitors:

  1. I can get your project done in weeks not months
  2. I offer rush service for business-critical events
  3. I specialize in emergency response scenarios

Shared Worldview

Unlike my competitors:

  1. I believe that critical design decisions should be based on data, not opinions
  2. I believe that the focus should be on actual results, not vanity metrics
  3. I believe that what’s good for your customers is good for your business

Does that help?

Please let me know if this list if helpful. If you have questions, just email me at I read every message!