October 21, 2016

What sort of client WOULD NOT want to hire a specialist?

Big organizations have the resources and desire to seek out world class providers when they need something that they can’t do in-house. 

They have the money, bandwidth, sophistication, and scale to benefit from working with specialists who are recognized as best-of-breed in their area of expertise.

This begs the question:

What sort of client WOULD NOT want to hire a specialist?


The kind of clients who DON’T have money, bandwidth, sophistication, or scale. 

The kind of clients who are unsophisticated, cost conscious, and resource constrained. 

The kind of clients who see you as a “geek-of-all-trades” who they pay hourly to do whatever tech tasks they need done. 

The kind of clients who would ask, “Once you finish those tweaks to the web site, could you clear the paper jam on the printer in the mailroom?”

These are not the kind of clients you want to attract. 

As you move from generalist to specialist, will find that you start attracting bigger and more sophisticated clients who value your expertise and are perfectly willing to pay you fairly for it.

Assuming that you are pricing yourself on value and not billing by the hour, this sort of client relationship is much more profitable (i.e., you work less and make more). 


Generalists get busy. Specialists get better.



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