September 4, 2016

My most useful resources...

Reader John T wrote in with the following:

Your email list is amazing. I’m on other lists, and some of them have an occasional useful email stuck between sales pitches glued to a billion different unrelated stories. I look forward to each of your emails, and I’ve referred back to them more than once already. I am wondering if there are other emails that you sent from before I joined. Is there any way for me to get to those?

My reply:

Thanks so much for the kinds words John! It is a big commitment to write as much as I do and positive feedback like this really helps keep me going :) I do intend to publish older messages as blog posts, podcast episodes, webcasts, books, etc... while you wait for me to do that, you can visit my resources page where I collect the most useful stuff:

For new readers, checking out my resources page is a great way to get up to speed on what you’ve missed (everything is free but the books).

For long-time readers, the resources page might be easier to use for reference than digging through old emails.

Either way, PLMK if anything your find there triggers an ah-ha moment for you. It’d be super encouraging to know that all this typing is helping someone :)