Inner Circle Collection

I’ve been sending messages to my Inner Circle mailing list pretty much every day since July 2016. You can read the complete archive for free online in their unedited glory here.

By popular demand, I have also published as edited and curated ebooks broken into quarterly volumes.

Each volume below contains more than 150 pages of valuable information in PDF, ePub, and Mobi format.

Being on Jonathan’s daily emails is the next best thing to having him with you when you’re with the client. Answers just come to your lips, and suddenly you’re no longer a hands-on techie; you’re respected as a consultant.

Anthony English

Volume 1

Messages from Q3 2016, which include:

(Note: This archive is only 150 pages because I didn’t start at the very beginning of Q3)

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Man you don’t stop - these emails are so stinking good. Keep it up and thank you!!

Sam Selikoff

Volume 2

Messages from Q4 2016, which include:

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Hey Jonathan!

Your newsletter is one of the best, if not the best, that I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!


Greg Navis

Volume 3

Messages from Q1 2017, which include:

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Jonathan, Your email list is amazing. I’m on other lists, and some of them have an occasional useful email stuck between sales pitches glued to a billion different unrelated stories. I look forward to each of your emails, and I’ve referred back to them more than once already.

John Tseng

Volume 4

Messages from Q2 2017, which include:

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Just noticed something I felt I had to share with you, and it gives me an excuse to thank you for your extremely valuable emails.

I am absolutely obsessed with maintaining Inbox Zero; my email inbox is reserved for messages that require immediate action or content I need to re-read and commit to memory. I’ve attached a screenshot which basically shows that every email you’ve sent over the last week has been stuck in my inbox because I keep re-reading them.

Can’t describe how much I appreciate your content. Thanks!

Eric Grubaugh


Q: Can’t I get these emails for free by signing up to your mailing list?

No. My Inner Circle list isn’t an automated campaign. I write and send a new message every day. If you missed one, it’s gone.

Q: What happens after I pay?

Once you pay, you’ll be presented with a download page with individual links for PDF, ePub, and Mobi files.

Q: Can I download on my phone?

Yes. You can download and open all three file types on your iOS or Android devices. You’ll need a reader app, like the Kindle app or iBooks.

Q: What if I still have questions?

Just shoot me an email :-)

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