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(e.g., guitar, karate, podcasting, skiing, woodworking, knitting, etc)
(e.g., Javascript, Rails, WordPress, DevOps, logo design, speech writing, portrait photography, etc)
(e.g., “I’m a software engineer”, “I’m an interaction designer”, etc)
(e.g., blogging, magazine articles, white papers, books, etc)
(e.g., meetups, podcasts, webinars, workshops, conferences, etc)
(If so, how many contacts? How often do you send?)
(If so, what platform? How many followers? How often do you post?)
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(e.g., roadmaps, audits, advisory retainers, etc)
(e.g., dev, design, consulting, teaching, speaking, etc)
(Preferably something long term... not flavor-of-the-month or “shiny object” type of stuff)
(e.g., “The guy/gal who ________ [fill in the blank]”)